Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Packed to the Gunnels

Hi Dave, Shareen and Family.
This lovely family will be coming
to the Lakes with us on Monday.

This is Sarah from Durham
and Jamie from Derby.

Here are some more people who were out on the terrace.

We have been packed to the gunnels for quite a time
just lately. So You Have Been Warned, if you want a
seat you gotta come early!!! The weather is very hot
right now. It did get a little cooler for a couple of days
but now we've got beautiful blue skies without any
clouds at all.
The next post will contain pictures of our day at the
lakes. These are just up the road from where we live,
very handy, and very very beautiful. Considering we
are supposed to be in a drought situation, there isn't
a lack of water. Even though the reservoise are low.
Oh well, Ho Hum back to sun bathing, its a hard life!!
See you, cozmic

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey Peeps Looky Here

Beautiful Bikes, beautiful people.

Especially little Paul,
asleep in his buggycompletely at peace.
Had a hard day on the beach with mum and dad.

His dad,Colin, said
he didn't stop talkingall day. Paul calls the
landlord 'The King'.
We have watched Paul get bigger each year they
have been coming.
Mum, Karen,tells me he will be starting 'big'
school in September, good luck Paul.
May the sun always shine on you. xx

Hands off thats my pizza!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Big Jim and Little Jim

Here is Jim at the pool table again and this is Jim jr. with a lovely young lady. When they come to the bar, they always make a beeline for the table.

And this is June, Jim's beautiful wife, I don't think June plays pool very much.
A rose between two thorns. This is what you call dedication, they have a two hour drive when they leave the bar
Hi June, hope you like the picture, I don't think it does you justice!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Postcards from Benalmadena

Thought you might like to see some
photos of Benalmadena so here are a
couple. This one is the Harbour
Puerto Marina Benalmadena

This is a photo of the beach
in Torremolinos

For those of you who have been to
Benalmadena, you will know
this is of the light house at the
end of the Harbour

The weather at the moment is Hot, as it usually is this time of the year, especially in August.
We have endless blue skies, with only one or two little fluffy clouds to break it up. We are still sitting out on the terrace here at 3 and 4 in the morning, with only t shirts and shorts on.
The beer is ice cold, with the condensation running down the outside of the glass. Everyone is just moving slowly, so you don't get a sweat on. The only people who are moving quickly is the suppliers to the bars and restaurants, getting the next shipment in so that it can go straight into the coolers. The children are still running around on the beaches playing ball, making sand castles, and doing all those other things that children do. The mums and dads are joining in with the eating of ice creams, that come in all sorts of flavours here. The boats in the harbour, are gently swaying with the moving sea. The thing that amazes me here is the lack of sea gulls, I mean we do have them, but not in the numbers that seem to swarm around the sea sides of england, when they seem to dive bomb anyone within their reach to try and grab whatever is in their hands.
On the sort of days we are having now, you can see right accross to Morocco. That place that is always full of mystery.
Wish you were here. So long for now. cozmic

Girls and Boys Come Out to Play

the moon doth shine as bright as day.....

This is Renate, oh her of the shiny pink
hair. She is a real beauty, in fact a STAR

Here she is again, with a young man whose name is Asa, they met at the bar,
Asa looks a little star struck to me!!!!

We had four people from Luxembourg on Wednesday night. Along with the
usual motley crew. I had forgotton all about that little country, coz to me it
goes with the radio station, those of you who are of the same era as me will
understand!!!! Well thats all for now folks. cozmic

Friday, August 11, 2006

The One and Only Rock Bar

This is a painting by a very dear friend
who died a few years ago. He was first
involved in a motorcycle accident, when
he was struck by a BT lorry, who was
travelling on the wrong side of the road
on a country lane. He lost his leg as a
result of this, and very nearly his life
in fact it was a miracle he lived. But he
didn't live for long , because of the drugs
he had become addicted to, that he had
to take for the ghost pains. This did not
stop him from riding, a Trike was
built for him. Out of all of his paintings
this one was of a bar, and we thought it was rather apt for us to place on this site.
So this is in memory of Credit, otherwise known as Chris. A brilliant artist.
We will be posting more of his paintings in the near future.
If you have any pictures that you would like to see here, contact me by leaving a comment on this page, and I will get back to you as long as you give me an email address.