Wednesday, September 27, 2006

September People

Hello and welcome one and all this is for you.

This post contains some pictures of some of
the finnish people that frequent our bar,
now I know what you are thinking what are
their names, well I can only tell you some,
there is Krista and Kimmo, Ronny, Alo and
then some who's names will be forever on
the tip of my tongue, and that is where they
will stay!!

Also this week, we are pleased to tell you that
we have our old friend Andy to visit with us,
he is staying with us in one of our caravans.

We have been privileged to have known
Andy for quite a number of years, he is one
of the best blokes we know. A real good
friend. He always knows how to party!!
Nice one Andy!! Cheers cozmic



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