Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Packed to the Gunnels

Hi Dave, Shareen and Family.
This lovely family will be coming
to the Lakes with us on Monday.

This is Sarah from Durham
and Jamie from Derby.

Here are some more people who were out on the terrace.

We have been packed to the gunnels for quite a time
just lately. So You Have Been Warned, if you want a
seat you gotta come early!!! The weather is very hot
right now. It did get a little cooler for a couple of days
but now we've got beautiful blue skies without any
clouds at all.
The next post will contain pictures of our day at the
lakes. These are just up the road from where we live,
very handy, and very very beautiful. Considering we
are supposed to be in a drought situation, there isn't
a lack of water. Even though the reservoise are low.
Oh well, Ho Hum back to sun bathing, its a hard life!!
See you, cozmic


Blogger harleyrayhawkins said...

The hot weather withstanding, it is no wonder you are having such good business, Shades Rock Bart looks like such a fun place to hang out at.

7:00 pm  

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