Monday, November 13, 2006


This is No. 1

The one at the top right is No. 2, Bottom Right is No. 3, and this one
is No. 4. They are all made out of reclaimed bike parts.
I think they are brilliant, and they are all hanging in the bar, for all
to see.
This is some art work made by someone we know very well.

They are for sale, should you want to buy one or more please contact
us through the comments facility, at the bottom of each post.
We will then put you in touch with the artist.
The prices are very reasonable they start at 40 euros and go up
depending on the size of the picture. The buyer pays for the
shipping. Or you can always pick it up when you come to visit.

This is the latest picture, it is called
'Monster'. Self explanatory really.


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