Friday, October 20, 2006

Dawn Breaks

As the dawn breaks over the mountains we are just
closing the bar, after another successful night.
As we travel along in the car, making our way to our
beds, we pass and are passed by all the people who
are just going to work. We are the night workers.

And while we toil away during the dark wee hours,
we get to meet a lot of really interesting people.
These two people, came to our bar, a few weeks
ago, I took their picture and wrote their names
down, but when it came for me to post them on
the site, I found to my horror, I had lost their
names. I remember they came from Durham?
but forgive me your names have gone right out
of the window and my brain as well. So if you
get to see this, PLEASE contact me to put me out
of my misery. As soon as you let me know, the
info will be put on here. So the flowers are for
you as a way of an apology.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just Pictures

Well hello there, hope this finds you all good and well!
Here is a mixture of pics, from one night at Shades.
We have people who really love having their photo
taken and those who shy away!! (Whatever their
reasons are I don't ask!!!?? ;-D )
So enjoy your viewing, oh yes for those of you who
are interested, the weather here is absolutely brill,
we can still sit on the terrace at 3 or 4 in the morning
in t shirts and shorts. We have beautiful blue skies
with those little fluffy clouds, you know the ones
they look like someone has just blown smoke out,
dancing their way across the skies, pardon me I am
getting a bit lyrical here, must have been the late
late night.

These are just some of the bikes that we get parked outside
the bar, there is a mixture of 'old' designs new race rocket
types and some just 'new' they all look great.

Here are two of our regulars deep in conversation,
probably about the last bike race, and who is now
in the lead points wise. Kimmo on the right is from
Finland, and Guille on the left is from here in Spain.

See what I mean about some people loving having their
photo taken.

and some don't!!

This is a picture of our new barman who was
with us for the night, our other barman had
another job to do. Shhhhh don't tell anyone
but he was doing the music in the local club
Stay lucky, cozmic