Friday, October 20, 2006

Dawn Breaks

As the dawn breaks over the mountains we are just
closing the bar, after another successful night.
As we travel along in the car, making our way to our
beds, we pass and are passed by all the people who
are just going to work. We are the night workers.

And while we toil away during the dark wee hours,
we get to meet a lot of really interesting people.
These two people, came to our bar, a few weeks
ago, I took their picture and wrote their names
down, but when it came for me to post them on
the site, I found to my horror, I had lost their
names. I remember they came from Durham?
but forgive me your names have gone right out
of the window and my brain as well. So if you
get to see this, PLEASE contact me to put me out
of my misery. As soon as you let me know, the
info will be put on here. So the flowers are for
you as a way of an apology.


Blogger Mousie said...

the only problem is you're far away from my tiny bit of France!!!i would have like to have a drink in your bar...sounds a nice friendly...
i'll come back

6:05 pm  

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