Wednesday, September 27, 2006

September People

Hello and welcome one and all this is for you.

This post contains some pictures of some of
the finnish people that frequent our bar,
now I know what you are thinking what are
their names, well I can only tell you some,
there is Krista and Kimmo, Ronny, Alo and
then some who's names will be forever on
the tip of my tongue, and that is where they
will stay!!

Also this week, we are pleased to tell you that
we have our old friend Andy to visit with us,
he is staying with us in one of our caravans.

We have been privileged to have known
Andy for quite a number of years, he is one
of the best blokes we know. A real good
friend. He always knows how to party!!
Nice one Andy!! Cheers cozmic


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Letter from Holland

We received this email from our friends in the Netherlands, just thought you might like to read it.

Dutchtrikers very populair with trikers and bikers.

Within 6 months over 10.000 visitors on the site of ! That’s what we call a success! Out of the many reactions we got via E-mail and our guestbook on the site, we learned that the site appeals to the mind of trikers and bikers with information about rally’s, tours, MC campsites, MC hotels and more. Weekly we receive tips and suggestions for the site which are received and placed on the site with great joy! is a site from and for trike and bike enthusiasts, this site is actually a first set up to see what the reactions would be and where we can/must improve. A new site is in progress, but you do realize that this won’t be ready in short tome due to the fact that we’re out on rally’s and events our selfs this summer. It is our intention to finalize and launch the site somewhere in the last 3 months of this year. A new log is already made by special paint artist Stephen from

To improve our new site significantly, we need your help!! Are you going on holliday this summer, and do you find a triker/biker (friendly) campsite, hotel? Please mail us the address so we can place it on the site so we cab share the information with other interested trikers and bikers. Mind you, your not the only one spending to much time on the net for this kind of info.

Last but not least we would like to ask you to forward this newsletter to as many as trikers and bikers you know, only then we can make a succes for us all!

Regards, and if your going on your holidays this summer; much sun and safe mileage!

Team Dutchtrikers, Rick & Heleen

Their site is brill, go and visit. Let them know who you are, and who told you to visit.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yet More

We have em dancin' in the street, dancin' on the
bar. We have em dancin' everwhere.

This is Lynn and Dave, they have spent their
entire holiday with us. Lynn came to us last
year with a bunch of other girls, and when
she got home wouldn't stop going on about
the bar, so hubby Dave had to come along this
year just to see for himself. Tonight they are
leaving us to go back to England. Boo Hoo.
Its been great to meet you, and have you
visit. See you next year. cozmic

Friday, September 15, 2006

AJ and Friends

This is our old friend AJ, he is a really good bloke.
He and his tall friend are from Finland, (sorry I
can't get my tongue round these Finnish names)
his sister is married to a spanish guy, Antonio
and his friend came too, his name is also Antonio.

AJ was here for a holiday, and so he tells us he
had a fantastic time here, again.
You are sadly missed AJ. But we hope that
you get on well back in your native Finland.
Take care my friend, and we hope to see you
again soon.


Young People

Roxana Bogdan on the bike outside the bar.

These two lovely people are from Rumania,
Roxana is on holiday and staying with her
brother and he takes her to as many places
as he can, time permitting. The day after
this picture was taken, he was taking her
to the lakes!! I am sure they will have a
good time, it is perfect riding weather here
in Spain. There are so many bikes, and
youngsters on scooters buzzing in and out
of the traffic. You see old men on the old
mopeds, laden to the hilt with anything
and everything that you can imagine.
Its scary.

The Lakes

This is the day they went to
the lakes with us.

The day was absolutely beautiful, very hot though. But
there wasn't any complaints!!
Young Dave was on the bike, for the first time in his life
so we have been told. He enjoyed it, perfect riding weather
and the road to the lakes is very smooth, scenery is quite
spectacular as well.
Dave, Shereen, their daughter Zoe and her boyfriend Dave
went swimming, while we waited up in the restaurant
for them to come back. When they arrived they were all
bright pink from the sun, and that is even with sun cream
as well. We had a meal, they weren't hungry so they sat
and watched us eat. Then we all left and went back to
Benalmadena. Having had a really good day out.