Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another Postcard - Wish You Were Here

This is how many people get here, and this is the colour of the skies that meet them. We are only about 20 mins from the airport, so it doesn't take long to reach us.
'Hello Mum'

This is an actual paddle boat, this sits down in the harbour
at the back of the bar in Benalmadena.
There was talk of turning it into a night club/casino. But it is HUGE. You can just see a car alongside it, bottom left. If you can imagine a person standing there, that will give you an idea of the size.

This is the street that the bar is on, I love to see the
palm trees, it gives the place a real tropical flavour.
But this is a rare sight of the bar in daylight. We are night people. But to see the beautiful blue skies is wonderful. You should see the stars at night, the skies are so clear, the stars look like diamonds set in a black velvet tapestry.

This picture was taken not long after we got here, and I think this is a picture of the beach in Torremolinos, in Los Alamos. That name always makes me smile, coz it makes me think of the cowboy film, The Alamo.

These two pictures show some of the views from my casa, this is spanish for house. The one on the left is a view from the front, and the one on the right is at the back. Yes that is an Aloe Vera plant growing in the forefront of the picture on the right, they grow wild here, and get very big. I will post some more later.
PS: you should see the mother in law tongues !!! cozmic


Blogger Rachelle Black said...

oooh! Looks so beautiful and green!
Seems like we are both blessed to live in beautiful places, yes?

Thanks so much for posting pictures! I can't travel so I like to do it vicariously through people like you my friend.

5:28 pm  

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