Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December, December

Oh how I remember,
December in the rain.
Well here at the moment we have bright skies,
a little cloud, very pleasant and no pain!!
This is a post with no pictures today, just thought
you might like to know there is a little gizmo on the blog,
that lets me see all the different countries that people come
from when they visit this blog.
It really is quite amazing, let me tell you some of the countries
that come for a visit, Spain, UK, USA, Finland, Romania,
India, Australia.
We have had people from all of these countries in the bar at
one time or another.
There have been other countries as well, but right at this moment
I can't remember what they were!
It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that there are people
out there who actually do read the blog, and look at the pictures.
It would be so brill if a few more of you actually put some comments
on the blog, it is so easy to do.
One day maybe?


Blogger Robyne said...

Hi there from Australia via England..I agree that is the wonderful thing about blogging..it brings together people from all little nooks and crannies around the world. I love it!

7:35 pm  
Blogger cozmic said...

Hey Robyne, welcome, thanks for your comment! even if it did go the long way round? I will be visiting your blog v soon. Maybe you can visit the bar one day and see the real thing.
Take care, cozmic

11:36 am  

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