Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Lakes

We can offer free camping to those who contact us through this blog.

The Lakes are back to their original glorious turquiose. The trees are just as magnificent. Giving their much needed shade. The tranquility of the place is very satisfying to the soul. Our two customers from the bar who wanted to come with

us were suitably impressed with this great expanse of clear fresh water. It is a natural valley between small mountains. I say small because Spain is filled with mountains of various sizes. Some of them quite large.
We decided not to take out any of the pedallos that were there to be rented, we just decided to sit and look at the water, talk about the worlds affairs and enjoy each others company.

Oh yes we did partake of the great food on offer at our favourite restaurant that sits astride the road, on top of the small tunnel. The people who run it are spanish, and the food is typically andalucian, delicious!!! As our waitlines can testify.

A Group of our customers made a request to be left at the lakes early one day and then to be collected in the early part of the evening, allowing them time to get back to the bar for the evening session. We were curious to how they would be spending their time, but keeping our noses out of their affairs, the curiosity remained until the following morning when they arrived with fishing rods. It turns out they had already fished these lakes and had tales to tell of the gigantic carp that swim in these waters.



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