Saturday, July 29, 2006


wouldn't normally write so soon after the last post, but this just had to be done, we had one awesome bike here last night. (It had been once before in the week, but I wasn't here) it is a 2 and a half litre Triumph. As you can see in the picture it is one BIG bike. So is Mark who rides it. He had been to Faro on this bike, rode all the way just to party!! Then rode to us here in Benalmadena and he said he had to stop at ours for a quickie coz he was two hours early!!! Mark very kindly came back so that I could take a photo of him and his bike. This has left me quite speechles!! (That takes a lot I hear you say) Being used to seeing all sorts of bikes and trikes and anything in between, but so far for me this one takes the biscuit. Cheers Mark.


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